January 20, 2022 COVID Update

The IPAC team is available onsite Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1700 hours daily and Saturdays, Sundays and most stat holidays from 0800 to 1600 hours. Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1600, Infection Control Practitioners round on the clinical units, and carry cell phones. Please use the cell phones to reach them for any patient-specific questions and isolation needs, as assigned below. To contact the IPAC team when they are onsite use the phone numbers and pagers listed below. After hours, please call After Hours Administration, for IPAC urgent or emergent issues, who will be able to reach the IPAC Director if needed. On weekends, for all units, and Monday to Friday for any outpatient or general infection control questions or concerns, use the pagers.

IPAC is available onsite on weekends and stat holidays 0800 to 1600 for COVID IPAC issues (i.e. new positives, COVID related exposures, and supporting bed flow).

Please do not leave messages on any of the IPAC department phones. The IPAC team is to be contacted only via the pagers and cell phones listed.

Contacting IPAC:

Phone 1:519-501-1240 M-F 0800-1600Phone 2:  226-750-5184 M-F 0800-1600Pagers: 519-244-0467/ 519-244-0478
3DN (peds)2F (ICU A)All areas on weekends and M-F from 1600-1700
4ACD (childbirth and NICU)2ER 
5AC (Medicine ACE)5B (ICUB)M-F 0800-1700:
5N (Stroke)6N/6S (Surgery)Outpatient areas
5S (CTU)6AC (Oncology)Bed allocation and admitting
8 ABC (medicine)1FG (MH)General inquiries from any clinical area
 6C (MH)If no answer on phone after 15 min