GRH declares new COVID-19 outbreak on 8ABC, COVID outbreaks continue on 6N, 6S, 1F, CTU/5S, 5N

Sent on behalf of Bonnie Camm, Executive VP, Clinical Services Shelley Schmidt, Director, Infection Prevention and Control.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In consultation with Region of Waterloo Public Health, we have declared an outbreak of COVID-19 on 8ABC, part of the medicine program. Currently five patients have tested positive. However, testing is not yet complete; these numbers may change.

6North, 6South, 1F, CTU/5South and 5North remain in outbreak.

The outbreak has been contained to 8ABC and additional precautions have been implemented:

  • Enhanced surveillance
  • Additional high-touch cleaning
  • Face shields/eye protection for staff when patients won’t wear a mask
  • Temporarily suspending in person care partner visits to the unit and working to enhance virtual and phone connections for our patients and families.
  • Investigating opportunities to cohort staff and patients to support continued operations.

The hospital has reached out to patients and staff who may have been at risk of exposure. We wish all a safe and speedy recovery.

Please remain diligent in swabbing all patients transferred from a healthcare facility for COVID-19 and isolate them in Droplet/Contact precautions (within their bed space) until results are obtained. Continue to wear the appropriate PPE, practice physical distancing when you are not wearing PPE (i.e. on breaks) and practice hand hygiene for the safety of all. The safety and wellbeing of our staff, providers and patients is our top priority.