Staying safe over the holidays

Sent on behalf of Dr. Todd Walters, Occupational Health

I know that for most of us, the best part of the holidays is seeing our family and friends. However, Omicron is now spreading at unprecedented rates through our community, so we wanted to send a reminder that there are steps we should all be taking to protect ourselves, and those we most cherish from COVID-19.

Don’t plan to gather in large groups, or attend multiple social gatherings. Maintain protocols that we know work; wear a mask, maintain physical distancing and wash/sanitize your hands regularly.

Remember that medical masks are the most effective at keeping you well. These masks are disposable and should be replaced regularly.

Don’t use rapid testing as a method to justify attending social gatherings. Rapid testing is a diagnostic tool, not a good preventative measure.

Don’t rely on your vaccine status alone as a way to stop transmission. Vaccines are one mitigation tool to prevent the spread and severity of illness. Boosters will help, but the best defense is to restrict our exposure and then use all of the public health supported tools available to us.

We want to ensure that you, your families and the patients that need us, stay safe this holiday season.