Omicron and travel restrictions

Quick details

  • New guidance has been released regarding non-essential international travel.
  • If you must travel for essential reasons you will be required to plan for quarantine as part of your vacation.
  • If staff wish to cancel their vacation please let your manager know

We appreciate that the timing of the Omicron variant is very problematic and recognize that all of you need time off. 

Many of you may have made plans to travel over the holidays, but with new travel advisories for non-essential international travel having been released, we are shifting our approach to align. If you must travel for essential reasons, you must be prepared to quarantine as part of your vacation upon your return. 

As your plans may change due to travel advisories or from restrictions that may be put in place from our local governments, you may decide to cancel your vacation. If you would like to cancel your vacation, please notify your manager. 

We know how difficult it has been for you during the pandemic and we know how hard you have been working. The team is working diligently now, to minimize the impact on the organization as we go through the holidays and this wave of the pandemic.

Thank you for your continued support of our patients and our community.