Point of Care Risk Assessment (PCRA)

Point of Care Risk Assessment – updated as of December 16, 2021

The situation with Omicron in Ontario is rapidly evolving, and we will continue to review Provincial guidance and policies as they become available to us.

Given the ongoing Omicron COVID-19 Variant emergence into Canada, and as an abundance of caution, Public Health Ontario has issued an interim recommendation for the use of N95 respirators (or equivalent) for the management of COVID-19 suspect or confirmed patients.

All Healthcare workers entering the room and providing care to suspect or confirmed COVID-19 patients are recommended to wear an N95 (fit-tested, seal checked) or half-mask respirator as part of their personal protective equipment, along with a gown, gloves, and eye protection.

Please see the table from the PHO brief for further clarification on PPE selection.

A point of care risk assessment (PCRA) as per Directive 5 continues to be required for all patient interactions, and should take into consideration the patient, time, environment, and tasks involved, along with the likelihood of an AGMP occurring.

Staff members involved with COVID suspect/confirmed cases who are undertaking aerosol generating medical procedures MUST wear an N95 mask (fit tested, seal checked) along with gloves, gown, and eye protection..

A medical mask, in addition to gown, gloves, and eye protection, is also considered acceptable PPE, and may be considered as part of your PCRA for very short duration work (such as dropping off a food tray), or where you will not be in close contact with the patient.