COVID-19 vaccine booster available for health care workers

Sent on behalf of Marc Simard, Director Employee Health and Wellness.

Quick details:

-Waterloo Region vaccination clinics will start providing thirds doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to priority populations
-Health care workers that had their second COVID-19 vaccine six or more months ago can book a booster shot at a regional clinic or pharmacy

Waterloo Region announced yesterday that vaccine clinics are ready to begin providing COVID-19 vaccine booster shots (third doses) to more priority populations in our communities, including health care workers. While this is not currently part of our mandatory vaccine policy for staff, we do encourage eligible team members to receive their booster.

Priority populations for the COVID-19 booster shot have been identified as individuals from the following groups that received their second COVID-19 vaccination six or more months ago (>=168 days):
-All Ontarians 70 years of age and older
-First Nations, Métis and Inuit adults and non-Indigenous adults in their households
-Health care workers
-Designated essential caregivers in congregate settings
-Anyone who received a complete vaccine series with a viral vector vaccine (either two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine or one dose of the Janssen vaccine)

We are not at this time, hosting on-site clinics. If you received your second COVID-19 vaccine six+ months ago, you can book your booster shot through the Region of Waterloo website: or at local pharmacies.

The Region of Waterloo has created a vaccine stand-by list for regional vaccination clinics to make it easier for residents to access end-of-day doses. Eligible individuals can sign up between Friday and Monday to be on the following week’s stand-by list:

For the latest National Advisory Committee on Immunizations (NACI) recommendations: Interim guidance on booster COVID-19 vaccine doses in Canada (PDF)

The Region is also planning to provide first and second doses to those who are 5-11 years of age when approval is received by Health Canada.