Notice of policy: Mandatory vaccine policy for GRH team members

Sent on behalf of Ron Gagnon, President and CEO and Dr. Peter Potts, Joint Chief of Staff

Vaccines are especially important as more services continue to open up, and community spread has been on a steady climb as a result of increased activity, and the delta variant. As a health care organization, we have a responsibility to safeguard and protect the health and wellness of those we work with, and those we care for. We still have a number of team members that have not provided their COVID-19 vaccine status or have not been vaccinated for various reasons; this continues to expose our patients and fellow colleagues to the risk of infection.

Attached is a policy that has been developed with our partner hospitals, as well as other resources to support you. These outline our process for managing team member vaccinations in response to the Province’s Directive 6.

If you have questions, or concerns, please connect with your manager or Occupational Health and Safety as needed.

Quick Details:

  • GRH will be aligning with partner hospitals to ensure a safe environment for our team members and for our patients and community through the attached policy that outlines how the hospitals will manage the requirements identified in Directive 6.
  • This is part of protecting our team members, patients and community. Please read the full policy attached to this email.

Effective September 7, 2021: GRH team members are required to provide proof of ONE the following to Occupational Health and Safety:

  1. Full vaccination against COVID-19 sent to
  2. Written documentation from a physician or nurse practitioner of an approved medical reason for not being vaccinated to
  3. That you have completed the education session available on EDGE before you declined the vaccine for a non-medical reason. The course must be completed by September 14, 2021 and team members must contact Occupational Health and Safety at ext. 1919 to discuss their reason to decline the vaccine.

GRH team members that cannot show proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to provide with:

  • Verification of negative test results at least twice per week (frequency subject to change). Proof of a negative test result is required starting September 10th. Unvaccinated staff are welcome to pick up free test kits at Freeport and KW Campuses through Occupational Health and Safety, and
  • Notification of a positive result immediately (this applies to all team members).

Effective October 12, 2021: GRH team members who have not received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be placed on an unpaid leave of absence and will have until November 9, 2021 to submit their COVID-19 vaccination receipts to