COVID-19 Lessons Learned Survey – All Staff results

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As you recall, this summer we asked you to participate in the COVID 19 Lessons Learned Survey to help us better understand our response to the first wave of the pandemic and how we can improve moving forward. We are pleased to share a short summary of the results with you below.

Over a two week period in July, we collected a total of 639 completed responses across the organization! Responses offered a high-level view on what went well, and what GRH could do better in.

Here are the top three findings:

  1. Four key major themes emerged throughout the survey which included: commentary on organizational structure through a leadership perspective; GRHs’s quick and nimble operational changes; the support GRH offered its people; and how GRH communicated with all staff and physicians.
  2. Some of the key successes include:
    • the leadership teams functioned in an integrated and coordinate manner;
    • quick and nimble changes were made to clinical, corporate and digital programs and services;
    • Overall, staff, physicians and patients felt safe coming into the hospital, and
    • communication was considered one of GRH’s strengths during the pandemic
  3. Some areas of improvements include:
    • The need to work collaboratively and eliminate any silos within organizational structures
    • The importance and reiteration of integrating the patients, families and caregivers voices especially when rapid operational changes are made (e.g. changes to visiting guidelines)
    • Making sure appropriate PPE is available to protect everyone
    • Improvements of clarity and timeliness of customizable information that is accessible at an audience level (ie. What do I need to know right now?)

For more details see the infographic below.

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